Nonsectarian invocation #1


San Marcos City Council

February 19, 2013


By The Rev. Karl Brown


As we gather as members of this community, may we be aware of the importance of our decisions.  Whether we are elected officials or not, we are all called to work together for the common good.   So may we listen with respect and humility to one another with open hearts and minds, celebrating the diversity that we have among us and increasing our commitment to one another.  


We live in a market economy that can serve us well, but may we avoid the temptations of becoming a market society in which everything is up for sale, including our most cherished values, possessions and principles.  We live in a highly competitive society which can increase our efficiency and productivity, but let us not overlook opportunities for cooperation that can unite us.   We are fortunate to live in an area with abundant resources that can be exploited, but may we be found to be good stewards of that trust as we share them.  We live in a nation with considerable individual freedom, but let us continue to search for a more perfect union of liberty and justice for all.  We live in a polarized world with conflicting interests, but let us resolve to practice the Golden Rule in which we treat others as we would like to be treated.  We live in a world that is more fragile that we can imagine, but we have the capacity to live in harmony with it so that others may simply live.


We remember with gratitude those who have served and are serving this nation and world in a variety of ways that enhance the quality of our lives and prospects for peace.  But we know that we can and must do better as citizens of this community and world.  May we be courageous enough to admit our failures and wise enough to learn from them.   May there be enough light in us that as we look into the faces of our adversaries as well as friends and family, we recognize them as our brothers and sisters.  


May we be inspired by the spirit of life, truth, justice, love and hope as we meet in this place and when we go our separate ways.   Amen.